Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Card of the Week

I haven't made a card for a challenge is sooooo long, but finally got around to one this evening.

Here is the CPS challenge design for this week:

And here is my interpretation:

I'm so pleased as I often struggle with kiddie cards, but since I found this very cool paper at a new store I recently found, it went together quite easily.'s almost Friday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Fine Motor Skills!

Please notice how well Luke holds his crayon when coloring.  At 21 months, I think that is very impressive.

Keep in mind, he can't say a word.  Just a lot of grunting.  We all believe that he thinks he is talking already, hence he has no need to start talking.

Also thought this deserved to be posted here too.  He gets so excited when watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Make an Infinity Scarf

You may remember an earlier post where I finally brought out my new sewing machine.  The project I wanted to complete is an infinity scarf.  Seems simple enough...even for a non-sewing person like me.

I read several "how tos" on various internet sites.  The beginning was pretty basic, but I just couldn't visualize the sewing of the ends together, but figured I just needed to dive in and get my feet wet.

Before reading anything, I purchase 3 yards of a grey sweatshirty type material.  It might be a stretchy jersey maybe.  No clue.  When I finally read the first "how to", it said to make it 2 yards long by 10 1/2 inches wide.  Since I wanted to get four scarves out of the material I had, I opted to make mine 1 1/2 yards by 12 inches wide.

I did make four scarves and finally got it perfected by the fourth one.  If you know anything about sewing...stop reading now, cause I will just embarrass you and myself.  But, if you are a sewing novice, this might help you attempt to make a scarf. 

  • Fold you fabric, right side to right side and pin open end together.

  • Sew the open ends together from end to end.  I used the 5/8" seam marker on my machine.  Most instructions said to use 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch seam, but I used 5/8" cause that's what I know.
  • I then ironed flat the newly sewn seam. Again, this is what I was taught and it still works.
Super hard to take a photo with my left hand!

  • You will now have a long tube.  Turn it right side out and then fold it back over itself until the ends meet.  It's kind of like how you cuff your pants, just keep going until the ends line up.

  • Pin the ends together all around the opening

  • Sew the two ends together leaving about a two inch opening.  (You will need this opening to turn the scarf right side out
Important note:  After multiple tries, I found that it's better to start and end this seam NOT on the horizontal seam that made the tube.  Having the two inch opening mid circle, makes it easier to sew the final closing seam.  (I hope that makes sense.)

  • Turn the scarf right side out through the 2 inch opening. Shake is out straight and align the opening and pin.

  • Sew the opening using a blind stitch.  Make sure you use small stitches as that will make the closing more secure and help make it less visible.'s the finished product.  Perfect for a cold winter day.

One scarf is for me, the other three are for Krissy, Caity and one is for someone very special down Texas way.  

Next up....fancier material.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

War Horse Movie Review

War Horse

Grade: B+

Every preview of this movie, made me more and more eager to see this movie.  The previews inspired and brought a tear to my eye.  The actual movie left me moved yet...very, very sad.

War Horse starts out as a story of a boy and his horse and quickly turns into a war story from the perspective of the horse.  As in many Spielberg movie's, whether viewing war from a child's eye (Empire of the Sun) or from a soldier's eye (Saving Private Ryan) or from a horse's eye, war is a brutal thing.    He doesn't soften the edges or highlight right vs wrong.  He shows the futility and cruelty of war...from both sides.

This is a beautifully shot movie and you absolutely fall in love with the horse or horses, who play Joey.  His heart is enormous and you are grateful for it, as it brings you hope amid all the despair.  This is not an easy movie and one I will probably never be able to watch again...but I'm glad I saw it.  It is worth the effort, but make sure you bring some tissues.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A year ago Christmas...which basically means Christmas 2010, my girls bought me this:

It has sat in the closet, patiently waiting for me to get up the courage to bring it out and attempt to try and use it.  Tonight was that night.

To some of you, this may seem like such a simple task, but considering the last sewing machine I used looked like this,

you might understand my trepidation.  (I am not kidding, this machine is identical to the one my Mom has and I would be using it now if I could ever get it away from my sister.  She's been making a black velvet opera cape for 3 years.)

Some of my caution was well deserved when it took me 30 minutes just to get the thread in that little tiny hole in the new plastic bobbin.  When did I loose my close up eye sight??  I was shocked at how hard it was.  I finally had to resort to using my needle threading tool.  You know, the one with the wire on the end that allows you to pull the thread through.

The rest of the set up went pretty well and I some how I managed to successfully sew a straight practice seam.

Wish me luck as a attempt my first project.  I will do my best to document all my ups and downs as I proceed.  And with me...that can get very interesting.

Did I ever tell you about the zipper I put in at the bottom of my skirt?  I was having such a hard time getting the zipper in and finally on the third try it was perfect.  Except when I held up the skirt and the zipper was at the wrong end.  That may have been the first time I ever swore.