Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Mantel….Finished.

It's done.  The mantel is finished.

I just love the mantel blanket.  It adds just a little warmth to the whole look.

I had to get some new fake greenery this year as I can't find the two branches I use each year.  They are two long branches on metal rod, so it's not like they can be folded up and packed away.  Cannot find them anywhere and we tried our best to go through whole garage nightmare.  (Moving!?  Pain in the arse.)

The NOEL on the left side is my latest little project.  I think I found the idea on Pinterest.  Not sure I love the letter style mix, but it's working for now.  May redo for next year.  Not sure.

Off to put up a little tree in Stinky's bedroom.  He's home from college.  I only know that from the stack of stuff (including his flat screen) that he deposited in the back hall.  It's not like I've actually had a siting.

Wishing you all good luck getting ready for the holiday's

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Mantel…First Look

I've been an absent blogger for about a month now.  I can only blame getting ready for 40 people at Thanksgiving for so long, before I have to own up to my own lack of focus or laziness.  Not sure which, maybe a little of both.

I just finished up with a little project for my mantel.  I saw it in a magazine somewhere and just fell in love with it, so I made my own version.

It's basically an blanket or shawl for your mantel.  In the magazine, they actually used an plaid blanket with fringe, that they cut up to fit.  I wasn't going to waste a whole blanket.  I went to Joann's and found this plaid flannel, bought two yards and cut my own 3 inch fringe.

It just makes me so happy.

When I get it all done, I'll post the finished version.  Still making the final decoration which should be ready tomorrow.

As for the tree…the new house has lower ceilings so I'm learning to adjust to a much smaller tree, but I clearly have too many ornaments and I just can't resist hanging all my favorites.

I'm not sure if it's a Charlie Brown tree or not.  I'll have to take another photo in the daytime, so I don't have to adjust the saturation as much….but it does look like one of those old timey photos from my childhood.

More cheer to come.  Promise.