Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Mantel

I wanted to share my finished Fall Mantel before it gets replaced by the Christmas version.

I added a few little things this year to help fill it up.  A couple of them were from the Target discount section.  You know, that little area right when you walk in with all the $1, $2 & $3 goodies.  (Try and tell me you don't love that little section.)

This is a close up of the left side.  The pumpkin on the end is a new addition to my Mod Podged pumpkins.  I got this pumpkin at Joann's for 70% off and applied layers of elegant tissue paper.  The little lantern next to it was one of my Target specials.  I think it was $1.99.  The picture next to that was purchased last year at Arts & Apples.  I have a thing for doors and windows.  The pitcher is one of my collection given to me by my dear sister.

Here is the right side close up.  I added more wheat to my tall square vase this year. Next are the three Mod Podged pumpkins from last year.  The simple wreath and star are from Target and finally another pitcher from my collection.

That's it.  Now on to the Christmas mantel.

Hope your Thanksgiving was warm and wonderful.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Logan's Baptism

I'm a bit behind on our family activities and clearly need to catch up.  A couple weeks back, Logan was baptiszed and here are a few of the photos.

The parents, godparents, Luke and Logan

The Godparents Uncle Chris & Claire

A proud and beautiful Muma with Logan

Nothing like a cousin hug

Blessings on our dear Logan.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lincoln Movie Review


Grade:  A

This is a remarkable movie and more importantly, a remarkable performance.  Daniel Day Lewis really becomes Abraham Lincoln with such attention to detail.  Not just looking like him, but encompassing his voice, his walk and his mindset.  All of the Oscar talk is completely deserved.

The story focuses on the passing of the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery and servitude.  It is clear early on that Lincoln needs what appears to be an impossible 20 votes in the House of Representatives and it needs to be done before the War is over or the South will block the passage.  It really is a story about a man and a moment and his clear dedication to his vision.

It is interesting to see that the Republicans and the Democrats didn't work very well together back then than they do now.  I certainly enjoyed the across the aisle barbs thrown back and forth during the scenes set in chambers.

Great performances were also created by Tommy Lee Jones as Congressman Thaddeus Stevens and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.  From what I hear, she campaigned long and hard to get this role and she really captured Mrs. Lincoln's sharp tongue, harsh self critique with just a touch of crazy.

The movie is near 3 hours, but it did not feel that way.  It has a rhythm to it that helps reflect the rhythm of the times.  It was a period when everything took longer, something we don't have anymore.  So I appreciated the deliberate pace.

It also equally earns the PG-13 rating with a particularly graphic opening sequence in which Spielberg depicts the harsh, hand to hand gruesome reality of the Civil War.  As with many of Spielberg's films, he doesn't hold back when bringing war to the big screen.

So glad the award winning film season has started.  My movie reviews have been few and far between waiting for something that needs talking about.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Calabrisella Ristorante

We just went over to Windsor on Saturday for the So You Think You Can Dance show at Caesar's, Windsor.  Krissy in her infinitive wisdom chose Calabrisella Ristorante for our dinner.  Brilliant choice.

Calabrisella is located in the "Little Italy" area of Windsor, just a short easy drive from Caesar's.  Walking in was like a step back in time.  The restaurant is feels like that little neighborhood Italian place in New York or Chicago.  And when Toni greets you at the door, you feel like you are actually part of the neighborhood.

There were four of us for dinner (Krissy, Caity and Tonya...who could easily be part of the family) and we all were interested in sharing our dinners.  After hearing the table next to us ask Toni to order their dinners, some of which was spoken in Italian, we opted for the same pleasure.

We started with a delightful antipasto of salami, marinated artichokes, roasted eggplant and cheese.  The main entrees were two chicken dishes and two sea bass.  They were all spectacular.  I can't remember all the names, but two were with red sauces, one white sauce with a bit truffle oil and one with with light oil sauce.  She also recommended a wonderful Malbec wine to go with it.  We ended dinner with a couple expressos and a cappuccino.  We were having such a wonderful time that we almost didn't care about getting to the show.

But we did, although a few minutes late.  The show was great and we all had a great time.

As we were heading to the tunnel back to the US, I checked in my purse for my passport.  It's not there.  Krissy pulled over and we start searching the car and my purse.  I am panicking.  Cold sweat...the whole deal.  Finally, someone says...let's call the restaurant.  Tonya quickly calls them (thank you Toni for giving us all your card) and believe it or not, they had it.  It must have fallen out when we were paying for dinner.  We rushed back to the restaurant where they were waiting with my passport.  Whew!  Hugs all around to Toni and the folks at Calabrisella Ristorante.

I can't wait to go again, but I think I need to get that enhanced license so I have back up.

For those Detroit area readers looking for a special and delicious night out, think about crossing the river and heading to Windsor and Calabrisella.  You won't regret it.  (Check out Trip Advisor for more reviews.)

(Photo from Trip Advisor.  Hope the originator doesn't mind me using it.)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Kids Say and Do

Krissy had the boys in for hair cuts yesterday.  Here was the conversation that went on:

Ryan to his hairdresser:  "I have a lot of girls I like at school"

Austin to his hairdresser: "I have more girls than he has"

Austin's hairdresser: "So, are you a player?"

Austin :  "Yes.  I used to play soccer"

Hysterical and adorable.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 Photos

Here are some photos from Halloween.

Krissy and family were all the characters from Adventure Time.  I think I know all the names.  Jason was the Ice King.  Krissy was the Pink Princess (not sure on that one), Breslyn was LSP or Lumpy Space Princess.  Austin was Jake and Ryan was Finn.

Caity and family were Alvin Simon and Theodore.

And Logan came as "Dr. Logan".  I think he was originally supposed to be Dave Seville, but it was just a lot easier to put this cute little doctor's outfit on him.   And do you dress up as Dave Seville.

Here are the cousins getting ready to go trick or treating.

And finally, here are the little cousins interacting for the first time.

I can't help feeling that Logan's got years of being bossed around by his slightly older cousin.  And he is going to love every minute of it.

Hope you all had memorable Halloweens with lots of great photos.