Wednesday, April 9, 2014


With the warmer weather just starting, it's been putting me in the garden state of mind and of course vegetables come quickly to mind.

I've decided my next few posts will be all about cooking vegetables.  Learning how to properly cook vegetables so that they are delicious has been one of my best accomplishments as a home cook.

We will talk about roasting veggies and sautéing veggies, so that they turn out yummy.  (Even brussel sprouts.)

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's in Your Camera??

I finally got around to transferring my latest batch of photos out of my camera.  Here's a little of what's been going on around the old farm.

I am completely obsessed with eggs at the moment.  Poached eggs in particular.  When in doubt…this is what's for dinner and I couldn't be happier.  (How happy am I that the I was able to capture the steam rising off the eggs.  Marvelous.)

We took care of Luke and Logan for a few days, so there were lots of these photos:

Luke is such a sweetie and he had a little cold too.

Logan sitting still.  A small miracle.

Logan found a new game.  Turn water on…turn water off.  Over and over and over.

Note Joey's location.  This is his favorite spot during lunch time.  He always knows to sit by the youngest member.  He gets a lot of snacks that way.

And here is another food adventure.  Barbecue chicken salad.  Yummy.

And finally, a moment with Gigi and Luke.  He is explaining "Pokeman" to Great Grandma.  She has no idea what he's talking about, but you'd never know that by her attention level.

Note to self…turn up the heat.  Mom looks like she's freezing.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Firehouse Rules

My favorite sandwich place has officially been replaced.  Firehouse Subs have taken over that corner of my heart that loves a hot sandwich.

It used to be Potbelly's, but they just don't measure up to Firehouse.  Since there is one is Rochester, I have now officially become a regular.  Even talking about it make me hungry and I just finished dinner.

I'm not exactly sure how many franchises exist…but if you get a chance give it a try.  Yum!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monuments Men Movie Review

The Monuments Men

Grade:  B++

It has been way too long since I've done a movie review.  Shame on me.  It's not like there haven't been worthy movies in the past months.  There has.  Saving Mr Banks,  Philomena  and About Time come quickly to mind.  But since I missed the boat on those, I don't want to miss out on recommending The Monuments Men.

I loved this movie.  This is kind of a older style of a movie making.  It focuses on telling a great story like movies used to do in the 30's and 40's.  There were some elements that maybe missed the mark of great film-making, but sometimes the story is all that matters.

George Clooney plays Frank Stokes who leads a band of unlikely solders…museum curators, art historians, sculptors, architects, into France, Belgium, Germany after D-Day to search out and find the art stolen by the Nazi's during WWII.  And for the first time in our warring history…"to the victors go the spoils" did not apply.  The goal was to restore the art to the rightful owners.  Unheard of at the time.

I thought the actors did good jobs with their characters…George does come off a little too "George" if you know what I mean…BUT it is the beauty of the art that steals this movie.  It is unimaginable the vast caverns of paintings and statues that were taken from homes and museums across Europe.  Not to mention the art destroyed through ignorance and stupidity.

Go see this movie.  I promise you will enjoy and appreciate it.

Have some popcorn for me.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Birthday Card Crazy Part 1

It's February, which means it's time to make a bunch of birthday cards.  I'm posting the first batch today.  Hopefully I'll be able to get to the next batch by next week-end.

For this series, I decided to use some of the cards that I've "pinned" on Pinterest as my inspiration.

Here goes:


My version…


My version…


My version…

Big thanks to Pinterest for being a constant source of ideas and a great place to put stuff I want to remember.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowman Holiday Project

I like to help the grandkids make a little something for Muma and Daddy for Christmas.  This year's project were these easy peasy snowmen.

Aren't they cute.

Here's how we made them.

  1. Cut the foot off of a new crew sock.
  2. Turn the sock inside out and use a rubber band to tightly close up one end of the tube.
  3. Turn the sock right side out
  4. Fill sock with rice. (It is helpful to have a wide-mouth funnel for this step.)  Don't go crazy here.  These are cutest when made smaller.  These are about 4 inches tall.
  5. Use a rubber band to tightly seal the top of the tube.
  6. Use one more rubber band around the middle of the snowman
  7. Use push pins to create eyes and nose.  Map pins would have been better, but I couldn't find any, so I just used colored pins.
  8. Use scrap material to make a scarf
  9. Use buttons, hearts or jewels for tummy decoration.
  10. Cut off the toe of the sock and make a little hat 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Mantel….Finished.

It's done.  The mantel is finished.

I just love the mantel blanket.  It adds just a little warmth to the whole look.

I had to get some new fake greenery this year as I can't find the two branches I use each year.  They are two long branches on metal rod, so it's not like they can be folded up and packed away.  Cannot find them anywhere and we tried our best to go through whole garage nightmare.  (Moving!?  Pain in the arse.)

The NOEL on the left side is my latest little project.  I think I found the idea on Pinterest.  Not sure I love the letter style mix, but it's working for now.  May redo for next year.  Not sure.

Off to put up a little tree in Stinky's bedroom.  He's home from college.  I only know that from the stack of stuff (including his flat screen) that he deposited in the back hall.  It's not like I've actually had a siting.

Wishing you all good luck getting ready for the holiday's

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Mantel…First Look

I've been an absent blogger for about a month now.  I can only blame getting ready for 40 people at Thanksgiving for so long, before I have to own up to my own lack of focus or laziness.  Not sure which, maybe a little of both.

I just finished up with a little project for my mantel.  I saw it in a magazine somewhere and just fell in love with it, so I made my own version.

It's basically an blanket or shawl for your mantel.  In the magazine, they actually used an plaid blanket with fringe, that they cut up to fit.  I wasn't going to waste a whole blanket.  I went to Joann's and found this plaid flannel, bought two yards and cut my own 3 inch fringe.

It just makes me so happy.

When I get it all done, I'll post the finished version.  Still making the final decoration which should be ready tomorrow.

As for the tree…the new house has lower ceilings so I'm learning to adjust to a much smaller tree, but I clearly have too many ornaments and I just can't resist hanging all my favorites.

I'm not sure if it's a Charlie Brown tree or not.  I'll have to take another photo in the daytime, so I don't have to adjust the saturation as much….but it does look like one of those old timey photos from my childhood.

More cheer to come.  Promise.