Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Up North 2013

We all just got back from our Up North vacation for 2013.  I wonder if there are any other states where the words "Up North" mean as much.

With our wonderful, majestic Great Lakes, I find it hard to believe.  For all Michigan's pros and cons, the Great Lakes are it's greatest attribute.

This year we rented a place on Lake Michigan in Pierport.  For the Michiganders, that's half way between Manastee and Frankfurt.

This was the main house:

And this was the "Cottage House":

Most of us stayed in the main house, but Gigi (Great Grandma), Aunt Deb the Great and KiKi (our Texas cousin) were in the Carriage House.  Benefits...quiet in the morning.

Following are just some of the moment of frivolity and joy that followed:

Safe to say that I...

this vacation.