Thursday, December 2, 2010

E-Zines (Although I hate that name and hope I just made it up)

Let's say it's Saturday afternoon and time for lunch.  What do I do?  I make a sandwich and grab a magazine .  Don't fully understand it, but I love to eat lunch while reading a magazine.  Must be some deep, dark pshychosis.

At work...I can be found frequently eating lunch at my desk.  I'm not happy about this fact, but it is the truth. 

I used to scramble around the office looking for any magazine I could find.  Typically they were automotive or technology based publications.  Not ideal, but they were better than nothing.  Recently though, the supply seems to have dried up around here.

So I turned to the Internet for my fix.  Most online magazines are crammed with info requiring lots of clicking to find what you are interested in and then it's hard to find your way back to where you started.  They are kind of a cluster*%^# of information.  Not exactly fufilling my need.  I want to turn pages.  I want a traditional photo and article layout.  Is that so hard??
Then I found this (Oh happy day, oh happy day):

Sweet Paul a real on-line magazine, where you actually get to turn the pages.  You don't have to dig down to find the rest of an article.  You just turn the next page.  Brilliant.

And oh my, oh my, the beauty and deliciousness filling the pages is indescribable.  You really need to see it to believe it.  The recipes sound so good.  The photos and styling are just amazing.  There are even some great crafting ideas. 

So far, there has been a Spring Issue, a Fall Issue and now this beautiful Holiday Issue. Go grab a sandwich and pull up your computer.  You are going to love this.


  1. Thanks for the tip. Or not. It could be another fantastic addiction like blogging.
    Ha, ha!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Can't wait to check it out. New template....very nice.

    Happy day to you. donna

  3. What did we do before the internet?!
    It's nice that we have access to so much on-line (especially for lunchtime reading fixes) but I still prefer reading a physical newspaper and holding a magazine or book!