Thursday, April 7, 2011

Source Code Movie Review

Movie:  Source Code

Grade: B+

After much hemming and hawing (is that how that phrase is written), we opted for seeing Source Code on Saturday evening.  There isn't a plethora of must see movies out right now, atleast not at the "big" theaters, so we thought we would give this one a try.

Very glad we did.  A very suspenseful movie full of some interesting and challenging ideas that got us talking after the movie. 

Jake Gyellenhaal plays Colter Stevens, a soldier who wakes up on a commuter train, only to find out he is in another man's body.  He soon finds out that he is part of a new mission that allows him to re-live 8 minutes of an event and his job is to try and find the bomber of the train.  I don't think I've given too much of the plot away as the movie trailers tell you this much.

The movie is very interesting and certainly action packed.  It's one of those films where it is important to pay attention to the details.  They will come in handy later. 

Best part of this movie-going experience was discussing it with the two women sitting next to and the group in front of us.  Rarely do we get in a conversation about a movie with the strangers around us, but my metaphysical thinking significant other was a real boon to the other movie-goers. 

If you get a chance to see this and what to discuss it, just let me know.  I'm here.


  1. That's a movie I've been thinking about seeing. I love Jake Gyllenhal! We recently saw Adjustment Bureau and liked it immensely. Check it out if you get a chance.

  2. I will have to wait until it comes out on Netflix. Sounds pretty good.

  3. Not much of a movie goer but love your reviews (and bean soup recipe). How 'bout our awesome weather! Spring has found us!