Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother's Day Card

I didn't want to post this until I was sure the card was received.  Don't like to spoil the surprise.  Here is my Mother's Day card for this year.

We also celebrated Ryan and Austin's Birthday on Saturday.  Here are some photos of the party.

Actually opening and reading the cards.

So many little time.  (Please note the Tiger game on in the background for Verlander's no hitter!)

And Luke is so happy to help:

The boys are into the Disney Villains.  Don't ask my why, cause I don't understand.  It just must be a boy thing.  And believe it or not, they actually make a set of all the Villains.

And this is a Whompa rug.  (I sincerely doubt that I spelled that correctly.)  A Whompa was in Empire Stirkes Back (I think).  He was the Abominable Snowman thing that had captured Luke and had him hanging upside down in his cave.  Ring a bell with anyone.  I was of course, surprised that anyone actually makes a Whompa rug.  This was not a cute character.

I'll close with this picture of Ryan and Muma in the beautiful hat he made at school for Mother's Day.  I think they were very cleverly made and perfect to way to celebrate their Mothers.  Krissy was so proud. more just cause it's so cute.  Luke loves swinging with Daddy.


  1. Love the flowers and sweet photos! :-)

  2. Smiles all around...very cute.
    Your Mom's day card is fabulous.

  3. Ryan's muma is pretty, like her muma! Yes, the swing photo. I can see the joy on Luke's face.

    Phillip is so very kind-hearted and yet he LOVES the villians, so it must be a boy thing. Let's hope that's it.

    You're so kind to visit my blog, especially since I don't post very often and don't get around to Our Mush Push as often as I'd like.

    The Tiger game...I hate it when I look at our family holiday photos and see the Packer game on in the background. Oh, well...there are worse things.

    Wishing you smiles, Lindalou.


  4. Heartwarming to see everyone in your family so happy!

  5. awww, precious! I LOVE that hat!!