Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Last Day

I normally never talk about my work on my blog.  I just like to keep my personal life and my work life, very separate.  But today I feel compelled to write just a little something.

Yesterday was my last official day working at at the office I've been going to for the last 12 years.  It was a sad day.

My team and I have been providing on-site support to an automotive customer for all these years and we recently did not win the award to continue to provide these services.  Although we still have a few projects to finish up through the end of the year...I won't be going into the office on a daily basis.  It's kind of a weird feeling and I will miss seeing those who have become my friends over the years.

On the upside, I do still have a job.  I will be taking on other Accounts and working out of my home.  So I know I am very lucky.

Despite this, I still feel sad.


  1. well, I'm glad you are at least able to work from home!!! It's great to have a paycheck!!! I have a small one with my tutoring job, but we definitely need it!

  2. While I know there's a sense of loss, hopefully this will be a "when one door closes, another one opens" situation. I'm sure you'll make the transition to working from home and establish relationships with your new accounts.

  3. Changes are always hard but hopefully your next steps are going to be wonderful.