Sunday, December 9, 2012

French-Style Chicken with Stuffing

My new edition of Cook's Illustrated (January & February 2013) came the other day and I was completely intrigued by their recipe for French-Style Chicken with Stuffing or Poule au pot as it is known in France.

I decided to make it for Sunday dinner.  Here is my finished product:

It was very good...but not necessarily "make again good".  The pork sausage stuffing was outstanding and I'm looking forward to using the leftover with some eggs this week.  As for the chicken, it was good and flavorful, but a standard roasted chicken is better.

The perks of this dinner is that after assembly, it's all in one pot and very easy to serve.  Just don't know that I'll do the whole thing again.  (Stuffing...yes!!)

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