Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Starting the Process

I mentioned, a long while ago that we are working on a move out to the farm.  It has been pending for years, but due to job challenges it kept getting placed on hold. is now in our immediate future.

The plan is to empty out much of the clutter of my current house, spruce it up with some paint and fixes and get it on the market by May 1.  Here's hoping we make that goal.

As a start, I emptied out the china hutch.  It is now ready to get moved to the farm house.  One thing down...8 million things still left to do.

Wish us luck.


  1. Moving is such a challenge - we made a big move 5 years ago after living in the same house for 25 years. One day at a time...

  2. I know how much work you are doing just having experienced it! Good luck!!!! Hope you have a quick sale! Real estate is supposed to have picked up recently--so crossing my fingers for you!

  3. I know how daunting a move can be being a military wife. We too are now wanting to put our house (which I had told my husband this was our last move) up for sale this May and have a list of things we need to do before we put it on the market. We have lived in this house 12 years, the longest we have lived in one place and it makes me tired just thinking of everything we need to get done.
    Best of luck to you!

  4. Wish I were there to help...hugs and much luck!