Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hard Wood Floors

Don't you just love hard wood floors?  They look so beautiful.


Now that I have them through the main section of the house I realize they are the ultimate dust collector and when the sun is setting and shining through the dining room window....whew boy.  It can be very scary.  I'm sure living on a dirt road doesn't help either.

Here is the a view from the side door.  The floors go from the back hall, through to the kitchen and dining room.  I don't know if this photo really shows the amount of hard wood properly.  Just know, it's a lot.

After a few weeks of sweeping, vaccuming with the hand vac and washing...I found the new way to clean my floors.

This is the Dyson Hard Floor cleaner.  It sweeps, vacuums and washes in one movement.  It's brilliant and as you can see from the above photo of my floors, it does a great job.  It is basically a Swifter on steroids.  Awesome.

Not that it doesn't have a few drawbacks.  Like any Dyson product, it's not cheap (order from Bed Bath & Beyond in the store and you can use a 20% coupon).

It also does collect dust bunnies in the corners of the vacuum sections.  Not a huge problem as you can easily pull them out and throw them away.

The first time I used it, I did not realize that I had the power boost setting on.  This caused the unit to  last for about 6 minutes only.  Not enough time to even finish the main floors.  But once I figured out the error of my ways, I now use the normal power setting which lasts for about 15 minutes.  Plenty of   time for me to do the floors in the kitchen, dining room, back hall, 3 baths and the front hallway.  (On advice from Caity...make sure you fully de-charge each time before plugging it back in.  Batteries can learn to charge less if you continually recharge before it is fully emptied.  This is easy to do with this unit.  If I have charge left when I'm done, I just put it on power boost and it empties very quickly.)

Hard wood floor owners...I really think you are going to love this.  It's a great gift as well (thank you Mom).

(I was just labeling this post and had to make a new label called "cleaning".  I wonder the likelihood of me ever writing a cleaning post ever again.)

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  1. Those are some gorgeous hardwood floors! Thanks for the product info on the Dyson. And you had me LOL at your last paragraph!