Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Mantel….Finished.

It's done.  The mantel is finished.

I just love the mantel blanket.  It adds just a little warmth to the whole look.

I had to get some new fake greenery this year as I can't find the two branches I use each year.  They are two long branches on metal rod, so it's not like they can be folded up and packed away.  Cannot find them anywhere and we tried our best to go through whole garage nightmare.  (Moving!?  Pain in the arse.)

The NOEL on the left side is my latest little project.  I think I found the idea on Pinterest.  Not sure I love the letter style mix, but it's working for now.  May redo for next year.  Not sure.

Off to put up a little tree in Stinky's bedroom.  He's home from college.  I only know that from the stack of stuff (including his flat screen) that he deposited in the back hall.  It's not like I've actually had a siting.

Wishing you all good luck getting ready for the holiday's


  1. It looks great! We don't usually hang our stockings. I don't know why... I know what you mean about not finding things that shouldn't be easy to misplace. We are still looking for some things!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too! Maybe next year, I'll do more blogging and get around to blogs more... :-)

  2. Looks like you are ready for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Blessings...Mary