Monday, June 30, 2014

My Real Garden 2014

After years and years of just doing container gardening, this year I have a real garden.  And just any little old garden plot.  I've got this:

It's about 20 x 40 and the fencing is 6 feet high.  And when my sweety told me he was going to install a gate, I envisioned chicken wire tacked to a strip of wood that I would roll back when I needed to get in, but no…this is what he made:

A real freakin' gate.  Brilliant.

Here's what I'm growing:


Tomatoes.  Some of the plants that I bought too early, before the garden was ready got a little pot bound and still seem to be struggling.

Peas (in the foreground) and cabbage and habeneros (in the background).

Mixed greens

Peppers, beets and the carrots are just sprouting.

Cucumbers and butternut squash

Enough blogging…got to go out and finish weeding.  Happy growing.

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