Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vacation #2

We just got back from spending the week in South Haven, Michigan. It's located on Lake Michigan, around the middle of the state. This was our first vacation in South Haven and here's how it came about. Krissy's sister-in-law got married on Saturday on the beach in South Haven. So we all turned her wedding into our vacation. Seemed a good reason to try a new locale.

Caity got to work searching for rental property in South Haven. She found an adorable 2-bedroom condo across from the marina. It was beautiful with some great views of the Black River.

I have no pictures at the moment...because as usual I screwed up. I brought out my camera, turned it on and it immediately shut off. I forgot to charge it and did not bring the power cable. So, it is confirmed...I am a horrible photographer. Fortunately, Cait is much better at it and she also has a much better camera. Hopefully, pictures coming soon.

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