Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Open House!

I think the Open House was a great success.  We probably had 50ish friends and family come by for a visit.

I have to do a shout out to my "girlfriends" for hanging out long enough that we got in some great visiting time.

The tent, tables, chairs, tablecloths and centerpieces worked out great.  The herb pots gave a nice masculine look which was perfect for the boy.

Went with balloons there were his school colors...which should have be navy and vegas gold, but unfortunately the party store only had traditional blue and gold, which gave the festivities and UofM feel (Univ. of Michigan) and around these parts that is a real no - no.  Only after I ordered everything did Mikey mention..."why aren't we going with a green and white".  Since he's going to State in the fall, that would have been a great idea and I would have not needed to answer a bunch of questions about "why we decorated in UofM colors?"

I ordered way too much food and we are all going to be eating Kruse and Muer pasta for the rest of the week.  Which, isn't a completely bad thing.  There food is the BEST!

After the pre-party pictures, I got wrapped up in the event and didn't take another picture.  I did the same thing at Caity's shower.  I have to remember to always ask someone to be picture taker at these events.

The worst part about no pictures, was that I didn't get one of the cake.  So disappointed.

Krissy took this photo to Meijer's (Mikey, age 4):

Now you are going to have to use your imaginations here, cause this is all I have left of the cake:

Just imagine this photo in the middle of the cake.  Well done Krissy, very funny cake.

(There is a very small chance that Caity got one of the whole cake, but she was pretty busy with Baby Luke, that I'm thinking...not.)

I am also disappointed that there are no pictures of Mikey and his friends.  Such a wasted opportunity.

Nevertheless, it was a fun party and a good ending to 12 long years of school.

Thanks to BW, Richard, Krissy, Jason, Caity and Rick for everything they did to help pull off this party.


  1. It was a great time!

  2. Yay! Everything looks great!! Congrats!

  3. The round tables looked great. I loved the herb center pieces and the decorated "herb" ID sticks. You did a really nice job on the party!

  4. That is cause for celebration. I wish your son luck in his future endeavors. I bet you are relieved!

  5. Love what you did! Wish we could've been there! Congrats to Mikey! Gift coming soon.

  6. Love what you did! Wish we could've been there! Congrats to Mikey! Gift coming soon.

  7. What a wonderful time to celebrate ... congratulations to Mikey! Kruse and Muer pasta is a good thing (Mr Ho-hum went to school and youngest sister is good friends with Kruse's wife).

  8. I bet that cake was a hit! Glad it was a good time!