Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn Refresh

This past week-end was the Arts & Apples Festival in my little town of Rochester.  To me....having lived here for for 20+ years, Arts & Apples is my official start to Autumn.  No equinox signals the start of fall for me.  Just Arts & Apples. 

Therefore, with the help of Blogger's super easy Design tool, it's time for a new blog look.

I love this time of year.  I love the cool evenings, vivid colors and unique smell of autumn. 

It signals the change of what I cook.  Time for soups, chili and meatloaf. (I love shhhhh to all you who just said "Ewww, Meatloaf???")

I love pulling out my sweaters and socks. 

I can also ease up on shaving my legs so often.  (Oh don't like to shave them anymore then I do.)

Here's hoping we have a nice, long autumn.

Happy Fall!


  1. I like your new look! I love Fall too...just sent an email to you.

  2. Like the new look. That is one thing I will definitely miss when we move back to Hawaii - no seasons! Luckily, summer is my favorite!

  3. The look is perfect for the lovely MI Fall weather. It's funny how chili comes to mind as the temps drop although meatloaf never comes to my mind!

  4. Kathy - I new someone would be hated the meatloaf.

  5. I know - me too! Fall tends to be waaaay too short.

    I LOVE meatloaf. Love. I think it's time for some soon!

    Arts and Apples sounds great. I have also begin to equate apples with fall.

  6. I like this look!

    I love fall too. I remember fall in Michigan was extremely beautiful. Enjoy it! I miss those reds.

  7. Great new look ... delighted to catch up, Lindalou. I love soups, chili, AND meatloaf (when little, my kids called it meatfloat). Though I hate to say goodbye to summer, the cooler weather suits me fine (I'm a sweater girl). Enjoy the remains of September.

  8. I love meatloaf even though I have never made it myself but I find a ton of joy in a big pot of homemade chili and we had some last week. We eat on it for days!!!