Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Farm Restaurant...Yum!

We did a lot of home cooking while up on vacation, but we were smart enough to go out one night for an absolutely terrific dinner.  Just outside of town, on Port Crescent Road, is The Farm.  It's a wonderful little restaurant, open from May-October...oddly enough, located on a farm.  And it is just wonderful.

Owner and chef, Pamela Gabriel-Roth is a graduate of Schoolcraft College Culinary Program and after eating here...I've got to give props to the program and to the chef.

All our meals were delicious.  I had a Cedar-Planked Barbecued Salmon, that was just wonderful.  Jay and Krissy had a Cajun Shrimp with Grits.  Jay talked about if for a good hour.

So if you ever find yourself up in the Michigan Thumb...make sure you eat at The Farm.  It's worth the trip.


  1. That sounds delightful, Lindalou!
    The farm looks very scenic too.
    Glad you enjoyed your vacation & glad you're back : )

  2. That place looks wonderful and the dishes sound amazing.

  3. It looks like a tasty place to eat. I don't think I will be in that direction anytime soon, though I have been to Sleeping bear dunes and loved camping near the beach there before my kids were born.

  4. Oh the restaurant is a converted house - how interesting.

    I love barbequed salmon (but never had it with done on cedar chips and other fancy things chefs use). What a treat and a woman chef too. Thanks for sharing the pictures - makes me long to go to Michigan. So peaceful.

  5. Looks like that would make a FABULOUS quilt shop :-) It just looks like a a quilt shop from the outside....sorry!

    Those meals sound delicious!

  6. I'm so out of touch with my blogging friends and I'm sure I've missed a lot of what's going on in Lindlou land....hope it's been all good stuff.

    I sure could use a Thumb vacation right about now and would for sure want to eat at The Farm.

    Big hugs,


  7. I tried to go there once but it was off season and they were closed. I've only heard good things about it and the food. One day!

  8. I love love love shrimp and grits. It's the meal I MUST order anytime I see it anywhere - which is not often btw. I'm surprised they're eating that so far north. The restarant sounds great!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.