Monday, October 18, 2010

My Kind of Town

We all had a great time in Chicago.  Lots of eating and shopping and talking.   At least, everyone else was able to talk.  I got a cold right before the trip (thanks Ry guy) which ended with my usual condition....laryngitis.  Since high school, if I get a cold I always end up with laryngitis.  I attribute it to years of cheerleading.  (I wasn't the best cheerleader, but I was always the loudest.)

By the time I got to Chicago, all I had was a croaking whisper.  They immediately labeled me "Lou" for the week-end.  The best was when I spoke up in the Ladies restroom.  I'm sure I gave someone quite a start.

Needless to say, it's hard to have a girls week-end when you can't really talk.  I'm sure I strained my voice trying to contribute anyway, as I am still croaking and it's been 2 weeks.  There is improvement, but I'm still more Lou than I am Linda.

Here's some pics to prove that I really was there.

Our view from our lunch at Fulton's on the river

My lunch the first day...I love an Iceberg Wedge

My girls

Indiana Jones in Legos

Just some of the flowers along Michigan Ave.

I bought some skinny jeans and a pair of black boots.  So unlike the me.  Hope to share a photo soon.


  1. Looks like a fun trip! I've never been there even though it is relatively close to us! :-) Sorry about your cold though and hope you feel better!

  2. I love Chicago!!! The mums are absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had a great time! Hope you feel better really soon. Love you!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Hope you feel better soon! Love ya!

  4. Hey Croaker...Great pictures. I especially like the door shot. I take pictures of doors wherever I go.

  5. I have this thing for doors and windows...what does that mean??

  6. Wow! That brings back memories. We went to Chicago when I was pregnant with my first baby. Twenty years ago. It is a very photogenic town. Good pics and I bet you had a blast.
    I like that lego stud.

  7. Lin - next time you go to Chi-town let me know. I have a friend that works at a hotel in the Gold Coast district.