Sunday, January 9, 2011


I finally got the tree down today.  Still need to drag it out for pick up, but I'll do that tomorrow.  The house looks....less cluttered, in a good way.

My Post Christmas Review List:

  • I never got a chance to make any cookies
  • I never got a chance to make an caramel corn
  • I did get some great gifts that will help my crafting activities this new year.  I got a Cricut and a sewing machine.  I'm excited to try them out, but I wouldn't let myself even open the boxes until I de-Christmased the house.
  • Only got to see one movie
  • Got to see Wicked in Chicago
  • Got to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, IL.  Bought my brother a FLW book.  Hope he likes it.  
  • Got to see Austin open up a Star Wars toy and hear him say "Darth Vader...I never saw this one before!" with such utter excitement in his voice.
  • Got to have my mom up for the night
  • Got to tour a quilt shop with my cousin Kim
  • Got to see a lot of my family
  • And it went by all too fast and that makes me a little sad


  1. I'm not de-Christmased yet! But, I think you did quite a bit more than I did. We had a lot of company, but my husband and I were very sick most of the time...I feel better but Steve is still coughing. We will be snowed in this week it sounds like. How about you?

  2. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's just de-Christmased their house! We took all of our stuff down this weekend. The house is naked but it feels good :) Great list!

  3. Lots of snow here! Lots for here anyway.

    Trying to be crafty, figured Valetine's was next. Although I wouldn't mind the 4th of July being around the corner!

    Heather @ The Other White House

  4. I'm glad you made note of all the things you DID get to do and didn't do like me and focus only on the things I DIDN'T get around to doing.

    Your mention of caramel corn reminds me of how I always want to make popcorn balls and never do it.

    Sounds like you're doing well and that's a good thing.


  5. We finally got rid of our tree too, and all of the sudden the living room feels so spacious! I didn't have a chance to make Christmas cookies either. So busy!

  6. We finally de-Christmased this weekend when a big snow storm hit and we couldn't go anywhere! Nothing like trapping me to make me get something done!

    New to your blog and loving it!

  7. Christmas is a time for chinese food and a matinee this de-christmas thing is foreign to me. :-)

  8. Aw, I'm glad I am one of your "got to's"

    Love you!

  9. Sounds like you made some good memories this Christmas! Wicked in Chicago is awesome!!
    FLW home tour in the fall is great too : )
    & just think of all the calories you saved without the cookies & carmel corn...
    (speaking of calories - your recipe for croque monsieur sounds delish)