Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

I belong to this Michigan Lady Food Bloggers group.  They recently started discussing their favorite kitchen gadget.  I found this interesting, because I've been thinking about the fact that one of my favorite kitchen accessory seems to be this:

I've had this forever and it's probably the cheapest kitchen utensil I own and I've bought several other much more high tech flippers.  But when it comes to the real delicacies of flipping, this is my go to have flipper.  It's just irreplaceable.

Do you have something like this that you can't live without?  I'd love to know what it is.


  1. LOL, it's always the low tech ones that are the best!!

  2. We've had the same ice cream scooper for 43 years and I'd never consider being unfaithful by using a different one.

    Lindalou, you are still one of my favorite bloggers, but time constraints keep me from visiting here as often as I'd like.

    Warm hugs....we need warm hugs in WI and MI. All this snow....ugghh!


  3. Too funny, I have this old, ugly red flipper I've had since I got married (20 years) and it's my go to for everything. I don't know what I'll do when it eventually dies!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. That's so great! Similar to Tracey, I have some blue plastic spatulas and spoons I got when married - but unlike you two, mine is no longer in use because it was not very good quality. Hopefully our current flipper doodad will last a couple of decades.

  5. It's so true. Those cheap, simple ones are often the best. Your post reminds of me a favorite wooden spoon that I turn to again and again despite other fancy utensils. It's been great for making jam, stir-fries, breads, etc. If it ever goes I'm going to be devastated.

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