Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crafting and a Card

Made a card last night.  Didn't follow any sketches, just used some of my new papers and a new scrollwork border.

Simple but nice.

Also...with the help of Carol over at The Answer is Chocolate, I was able to create these 4th of July designs for my ever rotating mantel frames.  I really like them, I just need some more "festive" stuff on my mantel.

Thanks Carol...these prints are so cool.


  1. Those are fun prints, and I love your card! I always love leaf crafts!! That heart is cute, too!

  2. Lindalou, I'm not at all good with my hands, so I'm in awe of folks who have your skill. I especially love the work you've put in your mantle frames. That is a great idea. I hope you have a good day. Blessings...Mary

  3. By the way, I adore the card. So rustic & charming with an elegant,vintage twist.
    Love it!