Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation Countdown Day 1

To celebrate our soon to be enjoyed family vacation, we are going to do three countdown with a Lettermen style Top 10 list. Won't have the humor, but certainly much more sentiment.

Top 10 Vacation List - Krissy style

10. sitting by a campfire
9.   euchre
8.   walking on the beach
7.   no makeup
6.   watching Bob sleep (I mean this in a good way as he really needs it)
5.   being bikini twins with my mom
4.   having someone say “powdered sugar” every time I say something is delicious
3.   spending a week with Grandma and Kim (it has been awhile!)
2.   not having to leave my kids with someone else all day ( I get them all to myself)
1.   not sitting at my damn desk all day

On #5...the suits are certainly NOT bikinis, just 2-piece and yes, we separately bought the same suit.  I'm sure my S-I-L's will get a lot of play out of this. 

Tomorrow...a new list.


  1. Don't let her lie to is TOTALLY a bikini;)

  2. Enjoy! I'm here UP NORTH holding on to this fabulous weather for you :)

  3. Thanks Joey...that's so sweet of you.

  4. I love the N0-makeup aspect. Easy!
    Enjoy your break.