Friday, July 15, 2011

As promised, here are some of my favorite vacation photos.

We rented a wonderful house near Tawas City (Michigan...of course) and it was just lovely.  Worked out great for us and we hope to rent it again next year.

Since the house is on Lake Huron, you get beautiful sunrises and I managed to wake up early enough one morning to catch some of it.  I do still need to work on sunrise photo-taking skills.

And here's some miscellaneous moments that made me smile:




Do you think Ryan loves his Uncle Rick?

And finally, Oma getting Luke kisses

Rick texted all of us this week to ask if any of us were ready to go back to the beach and the resounding answer was "YES!"


  1. I miss the beach so much!
    Your pics are priceless. I love that last one of you getting some love.
    One of my favorite places in Michigan is Sleeping Bear dunes. We camped there before we had kidlets.

  2. Wow, fantastic place. Truly lovely family pics. TFS!
    Also, thanks for taking time to stop by my blog. I appreciate it so much.
    So glad I could stop by yours too & see what you have been up to.
    Crafty best,

  3. What wonderful pictures and memories you have capture. You all look so relaxed.

    It's something about the beach or the water that puts one in a relaxed state of being..It certainly does for me.

    So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

  4. what lovely photos!! Looks like a really nice time. The view from the waterfront house is beautiful!

  5. Very fun! TFS! We just got back from San Diego. I need to post some photos soon! Son has wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and just trying to get caught up... :-)

  6. sweet sweet pictures, the lake looks so beautiful.. Congrats on your diet. I have somehow managed to gain weight this vacation. Boo.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous vacation! Loved the pics :)

  8. The pictures are wonderful! Miss you guys tons! Can't wait to see you in August!!!!!!

  9. Delighted your vacation was wonderful, Lindalou. Was thinking of you ... love Lake Huron (grew up on Saginaw Bay). Summer weather has been awesome UP NORTH. Just got home from over a week at the lake, catchin' up here then back again for a long weekend. Can't get enough!