Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Countdown Day 3

Here our final Why We Love Vacation List.  Enjoy, cause I know we will.

Top 10 List - Lindalou Style:

10. Being on my own schedule

9.   Napping

8.   Good food and wine

7.   Watching Luke, Austin, Ryan and Unta Wit / Daddy build Sarlacc Pit on the beach (This is just a very big hole)

6.   Games

5.   Sitting on the beach and reading a book

4.   Walking on the beach

3.   Seeing my first glimpse of Lake Huron…through the trees. I still feel the same sense of excitment that I did as a child

2.   Watching Bob detox from his work - hopefully

1.   Being with my family for a whole week

Have a very happy and fun 4th of July.