Saturday, September 10, 2011

Highlights of the Week

Let's just dive in.

 1. This little guy started Kindergarten. Such a big moment.

New recent Ryan story:

Krissy:  "After we eat dinner, we will all play Mario party"
Ryan:  (With huge grin on his face) "Pinch me, I must be dreaming"
Oma:  "Where did you hear that expression?"
Ryan:  Ignoring my comment...he looks directly at me and says, "Seriously....pinch me"
So I obliged and gave him a little pinch.
Ryan:  "Thank you"

2.  This was amazing to watch:

Djokovic comes back to beat Federer at US Open

3.  Went to Art & Apples today and actually purchased FOUR Christmas presents.  How to get a jump on the season.

4.  My mom gave me a little herbal tea that is supposed to help with sleep.  The insomnia has been pretty fierce lately.  I've tried it the last two nights and it seems to help.  Tastes awful, but I've managed to get 4 solid hours of sleep in a row.  Now it's all gone and need to find out what it was so I can run out and get some.  

5.  My second round of tomatoes are ripening.  Had a fabulous BLT for dinner last night.  Love that vine ripened T.

That's it for now.  Off to watch Rafa play.


  1. Oh how cute! I'm sure he enjoyed his first day of class. They all look so cute lined up.

    I have been having problems sleeping lately as well, and I'm wondering if it has to do with the changing of seasons? I'm not sure what my issue is at the moment...But when you find out what that herb was, please drop me a note! I'll greatly appreciate it.

  2. this is a fun post.
    so the diet, i lost five lbs last month, but i was really disappointed. i didnt eat any pizza, bread, pasta, rice or wheat and only lost five? sooo, i figuring out if i want to continue. in the meantime, i am eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast and even more salads than ever before and I am usually eating a sald when the family eats something else. I am going to reread the book soon. does this make any sense? hope you are doing well!

  3. The picture of Ryan is adorable...Mr. Handsome should be his nickname. I'd luv to give him a little pinch.

    I have one tomato left...sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me to eat it. Early Girls planted in a 5-gallon bucket...they were delicious and there were more than the two of us could eat...but I forced myself:)

    I like this Highlights of the Week.

    Thanks for your comments. You're so thoughtful...your mom and dad taught you well.

    Go get some good sleep now.


  4. hilarious Ryan story. He sounds like quite a ham. :)