Monday, September 26, 2011

Sole Meuniere....Yum

I watched Ann Burrell make this recipe on the Food Network over the week-end.  It sounded so simple, yet so delicious, that I made it tonight for my dinner.  Result...oh yum!  It was so good and really easy.

You can find her recipe here:

Recommendations:  Make sure you saute pan has a good amount of olive oil and is very hot when you start to cook the fish.   When you are done cooking the fish, give the pan a minute or two to cool down before you start making the sauce.

I made an arugula salad with feta (dressing: just a squeeze of lemon) and roasted asparagus to balance off the meal.

Give this a whirl.  (Although if BW were home, I might need to add a potato to give it a little more substance.)


  1. yuuum, I would love this.

    In one of my weight watchers meetings we talked about staying away from certain foods - like anything "meuniere" ha ha! Ooooh, just looking at your asparagus again. I love asparagus cooked just that way.

  2. Okay, anything with feta has to be good. It is my new favorite thing for salads etc. Just a little goes a long way.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Absolutely yum!!