Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Darling is a Pacifist

We play a lot of Fantasy Football in our family.  Frequently, it leads to some very interesting team names. Mine...typically very boring.  The rest of the family...very clever.

For our Pro Pick-em League, Krissy's team name is "Darling is a Pacifist".  I had to ask where that came from.  Here's the story....

One day while driving home with the boys, Ryan is chatting about a cartoon that he is watching lately.  It would probably help the story if I could remember the name of the show, but I can't.

During his ramblings he says, "Darling is a pacifist".  Darling is one of the characters on the show.  Obviously, this intrigues Kristen who gently pursues the topic.  "a pacifist, are you sure?"  "Yes" he says with complete confidence. home, while watching the cartoon, she finds out that....

Darling is a Passion Fish.

He comes up with the best stuff...


  1. The show is called "The Amazing World of Gumball". Mom is a cat, Dad is a Rabbit, and there are three kids, a cat, a rabbit, and Darwin the passion fish. I just do not understand where the passion fish came from! I still love the story behind the fantasy football team name.