Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve

The tree is trimmed and has been for a few weeks.  I still have a bunch of presents to wrap and I'm out of boxes.  How did a let that happen?

On the upside, the Cherry Pie is done.  I need someone to help me figure out how to get my crust to roll out in a round shape.  Mine keep coming out as a rectangle.

And the cut out cookies are done.  (Hey little bro...know that I'm thinking of you.)

I made our usual frosting, but added more milk to thin it a bit so I could dip the cookies.  It was actually much easier than the spreading method.  Will try to remember that for next year.  (I'll have write it down otherwise, all is lost.)

I've also got the shrimp cooked (used Ina's roasting method. Super easy) and the cocktail sauce is ready (used Mom's tried and true recipe).  I also blanched some asparagus to be used with an Asian dipping sauce.  I found this recipe in the Delta magazine on my last trip to Atlanta.  Hope it's good.

Off to get a few more presents wrapped before Christmas Eve dinner with BW's family.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  Hope you are surrounded by family and friends.

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