Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Brunch

We had our annual  Birthday Brunch where we celebrate 5 birthdays.  With so many birthday's in a row, it's jus easier celebrating all at once than trying to do them one at a time.

It is now Sunday morning and I just had Birthday Brunch leftovers and it was spectacularly delicious.  I had a Sausage Strata, Raspberry and Marscarpone French Toast Bake, a slice of a slice of Kathy's Apple Bread.  How wonderful to have all these goodies in my fridge.

Sausage & Monterrey Jack Strata

Raspberry & Marscarpone French Toast Bake

Apple Bread

So yummy.  Happy Birthday BW, Krissy, Jay, Rick and Mom.  What a wonderful reason to get the family together.  

(Next up....Austin, Ryan and Luke's birthday.  Plus a little surprise.)


  1. Leftovers are the best and yours look spectacular! Lucky you.

  2. Oh my goodness -- breakfast and your place looks like the best ever! I'm not quite sure where I'd even start, but at the moment I'm thinking it would be with that luscious-looking strata!