Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Piccata ala Wonderful

Anyone who visits here regularly knows I love Ina Garten. I watch Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network all the time and yesterday, I even watched some of her videos online.

This is where I found her making Chicken Piccata.  She was making it for Jeffrey on his Friday night return from the city.  So I knew it would be special.  She also mentioned pairing it with the Herb Roasted Onions.

Suddenly I had found my inspiration for dinner.

Oh my goodness.  This was all kinds of wonderful.  Both were very easy to make so I had to pass them on to you.

Here is her Chicken Piccata recipe.  

I unfortunately did not take any photos of my own, for which I am so sorry.  My plate looked magnificent.

Here is the recipe for the Herb Roasted Onions .

Seriously, if you are at a loss for what to make for dinner, please I beg you...make both of these.

And then let me know how it turned out.  

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  1. Thank you very much....two new recipes printed and ready to be of these days.

    I stopped by looking for baby news!

    Happy Easter to you and your big wonderful family.