Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TV Addictions

I know it's well into the new TV season, but I'm finally ready to share my current list of addictions.

1.  Smash - This has to be my favorite.  I don't care how implausible the situation in which they breakout in song.  I love it.  Especially anything to do with the show within the show.  Not to say there haven't been moments that make me go "Eww".  The whole Julia and Michael affair was a giant "Ewwwww" moment, but they did end it quickly and put me out of my misery.

I love Tom, Julia, Karen, Ivy, Derek and of course, Eileen.  How wonderful to see the glorious Angelica Houston on my screen each week.  I love every time Eileen tosses a drink in her Ex's face.  Wonderful moment.

They even made a brilliant evil character that you love to hate.  Ellis is just so creepy and transparent.  I'm sure he's going to create a lot of havoc in the new season.

2.  Revenge - This is so Dallas/Dynasty moved to the Hamptons, that I have to apologize to anyone who catches me watching this, but the storyline had me hooked from the beginning.  And such an amazing cast of characters.  Madeleine Stowe is perfect as the evil/misunderstood Victoria Grayson. And Emily VanCamp is equally as good as the revenge obsessed Emily Thorne.  No one is exactly what they pretend to be, which just adds to each weekly installment.

3.  Grimm - This modern day adaption of the fairy tale cast of evil characters and monsters is creepily addictive.  Having the hero character cast as a police detective and monster hunter (a Grimm), is very clever.  He solves crimes as he rids the world of  goblins and ghouls.  There are times when I seriously can't look at the TV as I am easily creeped out, but that doesn't stop the need to watch.

Best part...hands down is Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe.  Monroe is a recovering blutbad (werewolf) and the shows brilliant comic relief as he helps our hero, Nick Burkhardt decipher the mysteries and dangers of the supernatural world.

4.  Fashion Star - This is Project Runway without all the bitchy backstories.  This show to me, is all about the clothes.  Each week, the contestants create 3 version of the same look or concept and without much delay, there is a stream of fashion shows and some amazing clothing.  And here is the best part.  Each week, buyers from Macy's, Saks and H&M can bid on the clothes they want to sell in the their stores.  So you don't have to be the actual winner to win some sales.  The clothes are then available on line and at the stores.

I LOVE Kara's clothing and did finally order some online this morning.  Something from H&M and something from Macy's.  (Would have loved something from Saks, but they are just out of my price range.)

Caity was all concerned that Jessica Simpson was one of the mentors, but she has proven herself to be far less annoying then her persona.  And Nicole Ritchie is one very savvy young women.  I am very impressed with her style and talents.  There is definitely something there.

5.  The Voice - This show didn't hook me in it's first season, but it got me this season.  I think the big draw is Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.  Blake, besides being wonderful to look at, he is also very down to earth and hilarious.  His bromance with Adam just cracks me up.

The final four singers were all incredibly talented.  We aren't dealing with untried talent on this program.  All of the final four performers are established and well trained.  The winner of this season, Jermaine Paul, is just a wonderful singer and performer.

I will take a second here to mention that Christina Aguilera is such an annoying person (I am refraining from saying the "B" word here), that there were times I wanted to throw something at the TV.  Between her not so subtle slams of her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Tony Lucca and her proturding out-of-control iron orbs, she just comes off as the typical spoiled diva.  But don't let that stop you from watching, the rest of the show is very entertaining.  (OK...not that chick doing the backstage interviews.  I don't ever want to hear "you're trending across the country" ever again.  WTF does that mean anyway!!)

6.  Once Upon A Time - This is a more traditional spin on the fairy tale stories, bringing all the characters to life in a the modern day fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine.  Each episode moves back and forth between the days of yore and current day, with all the characters stuck in the future not knowing who they really are.  When the mysterious Emma Swan comes to town, it turns out she is the secret to breaking the spell that holds them locked in time.

Are the special effects awful...yes.  Can you tell that it's shot in front of a green screen...yes.  But don't let that stop you from just enjoying a good story.

Do you watch any of these?  What are your favs.


  1. oh! I wanted to watch revenge. I like a really really trashy back-stabby, show - like the old Melrose Place, you know? I haven't really been in the TV scene in a long time. I religiously watch Grey's Anatomy (DVR) and will usually have a 4 hour cryfest catching up. I tried the new Melrose but that got cancelled quick. Now I basically have a few shows I watch (again, DVR) - America's Best Dance Crew, Grey's, Hell's Kitchen, and when Teen Wolf comes back on, I watch that show too. There's one that looked good to me - Dance Academy on some teen channel. Anyway, do you think it's too late to get started with Revenge?

    1. Absolutely not. If you know you like that kind of stuff you will love Revenge although you will need to back up and start from the beginning. Not sure if you can get it on demand or online, but it's worth it to start from the beginning.

      A few weeks ago the did a recap episode. I think it was to help catch up the new viewers. It would be a good one to watch as well.

      Oh...and since you like America's Best Dance Crew, do you ever watch So You Think You Can Dance. That's another one of my favs and the new season is starting shortly.

  2. Wow, I haven't gotten into any of those, it was sure cool to read your take on them. I wanted to watch Smash but just didn't get into it.

  3. I don't watch much.....but I do love Smash! My fav!

  4. I have never even heard of these shows!! ignorance is bliss.

  5. I have LOTS of TV addictions, mostly reality TV. My favorite show will start in the summer - So You Think You Can Dance!

  6. Congrats on your Kreaxions punch win!!!