Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ten Best Things About Breslyn

  1. She's perfect
  2. She's so tiny.  You forget how little they are when they are brand new.  It's so much fun to get this reminder.
  3. We finally get to buy pink clothes and dresses!
  4. Every time I see her, she made new changes.  She's awake much more and able to hold her neck a bit more. 
  5. This is the sleep stage where we can go out to lunch and she sleeps through the whole thing.
  6. We've been wondering if she would look like either of the boys and we can all see Ryan in her eyes.  
  7. She smells like a baby.
  8. She's a good sleeper
  9. She's a good eater
  10. She helps complete a perfect family.


  1. oh my gosh!!! lucky you!! she is beautiful!! what a blessing to all of you!!
    congrats congrats!