Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Mantel

I posted my fall mantel a few weeks ago, so I thought I better post my Christmas mantel, especially since I'm about to start the annual de-Christmasing process.

All of my children and grandchildren have their own stockings, so "my cup runneth over" so to speak.  (If you know what movie used this line to perfection...I will reward you in some way.)

Here is my tree with the creche built by my father.  The tree base actually sits on top of the creche (manger).  It is a very special memory for me.

Due to my current unemployment status, I opted to make as many gifts as I could.  This included 11 infinity scarves.

This photo basically sucks, but it gives you the hint of what I created.

I also made this peppermint chocolate bark for Rick.  The recipe was in the December edition of Food Network magazine and it's meant to mimic the Williams Sonoma version.  It was fun to make and he said it was delicious.

And finally...this is my favorite Christmas photo.  Uncle Mike and Luke chillin' on Christmas morning. He was pleased as punch to have Uncle Mike all to himself.

Time to start de-Christmasing.


  1. Wonderful post! Loved seeing the decorations! I made a few gifts this year, too! I think it's great!! Your bark looks awesomme!

  2. Nothing happier than a mantle full of stockings! And I bet the scarf recipients were thrilled!!

  3. Love everything!! I especially love the creche. Luke and Mike are adorable, how fun to have such a great Uncle : )

    Movie it Hope Floats?

    1. rocked it. Going to have to send you something special.

  4. That last photo is really cute. You should touch it up and play with the colors, it has real potential. I'm gonna "borrow" the idea if you don't mind...super cute pose! ;)

  5. Such beauty! Love that last photo precious.

  6. The Uncle Mike and Luke photo is precious.