Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pistachio Encrusted Salmon Salad

There is a restaurant in Detroit called Union Street.  I can never remember the name, in fact I just had to Google it for this post.  We eat there a few times a year after of before some event downtown.  They have a very big menu, but I get the same thing every time I go.  Pistachio Encrusted Salmon Salad.  It's delicious.

I recreated the salad at home the other night.  It had blanched asparagus, mozzarella balls and tomatoes and made some homemade ranch dressing.  Super yummy.

Next time I will use the food processor to chop up the pistachios to make a finer topping.


  1. Very impressed! Looks amazing ... love pistachios and salmon.

  2. Hello there. I am catching up on visiting my blog followers & friends. I finally made it to you. I have your salmon salad looks amazing. A work of art just like your crafty goodies.
    Off to see more...

  3. Union Street may have some competition. I see you're as talented as ever.