Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Knobs

I'm cleaning my kitchen cupboards, one at a time and replacing the gold and white knobs with silver knobs.  I'm very happy with the results, but I hate to admit how gross my cupboards have become.  This is probably something I should do more often instead of once in a blue moon.

Here are the old knobs:

Here are the shiny new knobs: of the new granite countertops.  Yeah.


  1. Oh, you are going to love your granite counter-tops! Can't wait to see them. I got mine about a year ago and really love them. The granite will make your kitchen look so different and beautiful.

  2. isn't it amazing how changing something small makes a big difference, and granite will be a nice addition--enjoy it!

  3. The knobs here are splendid. I have also purchased some door knobs from pushkaknobs. They seem to be quite good and efficient.