Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Latest Projects

Life has been a little too hectic lately, but I managed to squeeze in a whole day of projects last week.  Here's what I made:

New Mantel Garland

I've been into keeping lights on my mantel all year long and to keep it from looking too Christmassy, I've been making garland for the season.  In February, I did a red heart garland and for Spring I've done this daisy garland.

Here it is drying
I bought the wood flowers at Joann's and painted them pale yellow.  I then added adhesive aqua gems.    I attached the flowers using my glue gun to green floral wire.  (I used some of the small hearts left over from February's garland as the backing for the flowers making it much easier to stick to the wire.) I made two of them and gave one to Cait as a little Easter present.

Here is the finished mantel:

I think I need to update my mantel afghan to something a little less...PINK.

I also made all the grandkids their Easter cards.  I think they turned out so cute:

And finally got two of the April Birthday cards made and sent:

For my SIL Karen:

And from my brother Bob:

This is my first time using an old photo.  Hope he likes it.

Happy April!

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