Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Lost Blog

I have not been able to access my blog since May 8.  In fact, no one could access it.  It seemed to have just disappeared.  Turns out I needed to fix something with my DNS CNAME settings.


I set this whole blog thing up back in 2009.  I somehow managed to purchase a domain name and get it to work with Blogger.  But that was back in 2009.  That is a long, long time in techno years when you get to be my age.  I have NO memory of what I did back then.  I do remember being quite pleased that I got it to work, but today, it's all a mystery.

Ended up calling technical support and was quickly able to resolve the issue.  Somehow an additional CNAME alias was set up for my www link.  NO FREAKIN' idea how that could have happened since I never touch it.  They had no idea either.

So glad it's all better, but has caused me some significant stress today.

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