Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Bake Off Part 2

The second thing that I baked for Easter were cupcake pops. I got the recipe and instructions from Here is a picture of what they should look like: Aren't they adorable? And such a nice photo too.

Well, mine looked a little different. It wasn't for lack of effort, it just had more to do with the fact that these are kind of hard to make and I'm just not as artistic as I'd like to be.

So, without further ado and with my continual crappy photography, here are mine:

Ugh! I've decided to call mine "Bomb Pops" cause that's what the really resemble. Little bombs. I posted the second picture to let you know..I made a lot of these things. On the up side, everyone said they tasted great.

I do have to admit, they were a lot of work and I'm not sure I'll have the gum shun to make them again, but with every day the fear subsides a bit and who knows, I might jump in and try these again. (Krissy thinks I am borderline insane for even thinking about making these and she might be right, but that's a whole other post.)

And please, visit Bakerella's site to see how these really should look and all the amazing versions she creates.


  1. Well, I think your "bomb pops" are pretty darn fantastic. A few sprinkles added to the side and they'd be perfect. Fun to read what you're cooking/baking.

  2. I think they look pretty darn yummy!

  3. You must learn to crawl first "grasshopper" before you can walk(and make cake pops like Bakerella!). I know...I've tried and didn't even come close to the perfection that I saw on Bakerella's site. I think my cake pop making days are over!