Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best Comedy Movies for the 30-Something Set

If you look over to the left - down a little, you'll see our Favorite Movie list. On that list are a couple of movies that Krissy and Cait made me include. Honestly...Super Troopers??? But I have to acknowledge that there are a group of movies out there that absolutely slay my kids. So, in my efforts to refine the list at the left, the girls (with some spousal input) have created a list of their favorite comedies.

You probably think that's simple. Ahhh, not so fast. It seems there are two types of comedies that they love. For the purpose of this list, there are the Serious Comedies and the Ridiculous Comedies. The Serious Comedies are actually good movies that are very funny and Ridiculous Comedies are movies that you know aren't good, but you can't turn them off or stop laughing at them.

Please note that we are limiting the "Ben Stiller" movies to just one, as most of his movies make Caity (and me) just a little crazy. His characters are so embarrassing that we are very uncomfortable and cannot enjoy the film.

We also had to limit the number of "Judd Apatow" movies. They acknowledge he is a "comedy god", but don't want him over represented on this list. Wow...not too many qualifiers on this list, eh?

Serious Comedies:
  1. The Big Lebowski

  2. Super Bad

  3. 40-Year Old Virgin

  4. Napoleon Dynamite

  5. Something About Mary

  6. Animal House

  7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  8. Trading Places

  9. Caddyshack

  10. Little Miss Sunshine

Ridiculous Comedies:

  1. Super Troopers

  2. Euro Trip

  3. Beer Fest

  4. American Pie

  5. Drop Dead Gorgeous

  6. Friday

  7. Boomerang

  8. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

  9. Weekend at Bernie's

  10. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Do I even need to say that most of these movies are not appropriate for younger audiences, or is that already implied by their titles?

So...that's the list. Did we miss one of your favorites? We'd love to hear your thoughts?


  1. This is Kristen's friend Erin, and I totally agree about Ben Stiller. I didn't even see the sequel to Meet the Parents because how uncomfortable the first movie made me!

  2. I was just thinking about Harold and Kumar on my way to work today - that moie is just hilarious...after seeing it a few times.

  3. must ALL watch Lars And The Real Girl. I had never heard of this movie until this winter...not sure when it really came out...but it has become one of my favorites. More than funny, but an amazing story of love, acceptance and community. I promise you'll want to share it with everyone you know.

  4. I've heard of Lars and The Real Girl. I do remember it got good reviews. I'll have Cait put it on her NetFlicks list. I've got Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist at home to watch this week-end. I love Micheal Cera. (Whenever I write about movies, I always have open in another window. It's the BEST movie database!)