Monday, April 6, 2009

My Favorite Sandwich Shop

I need to tell you that I have an obsession with Potbelly's. I love their turkey sandwich on wheat roll. It's just delicious and it's toasted! I'm not a huge fan of a cold sandwich. So, every time I am out by myself around lunch time, I end up planning my route so I can go by a Potbelly's and when I'm this close...I might as well have lunch. Pick any location in the area and I can manage to find a way to go by a Potbelly's on my way back to the office. There's the one on Woodward, or the one on Crooks or the one on 12 Mile Road. I'm getting pretty good at this little game.
If you haven't tried one, find a way to drive by next time you are out during lunch. You won't regret it. (One day I"ll actually have to try a different sandwiches, but not yet.)


  1. Have you ever tried Potbelly's milkshakes? They're the greatest (particularly b/c they come with a tiny Salerno cookie around the straw)!

    Love, love, love the site--and the Austin pics. Even this UMich grad is rooting for MSU tonight!

  2. We have this here too. Dad LOVES this! I've never been but I should, huh? :)


  3. I don't know Potbelly's (although I'd like to)but your mention of Woodward makes me wonder if that's the famous Woodward Avenue where the big car event takes place. We went to that a few years ago and had a fabulous time.

  4. We love Potbelly! Especially the hot peppers!!