Saturday, December 5, 2009

And It All Comes With a T-Shirt

I was doing some picking up in the dining room last night and found the envelope that Lori sent from Minnesota with the cookbooks and photos.  I reached down and it still felt puffing.  I opened it and this is what I found in it...

It's actually much cooler in real life.  It's one of those thinner type tees.  Much more flattering then the usual t-shirt.  I am so wearing this to work next week with my brown cords.   (Kathy's going to be so envious.)

Lori...did you get a t-shirt too?


  1. Oh yea...I'll be envious! Nice pics from the PW event. Marlboro man is quite cute! I bow to your cousin Lori who stood in line for so long - way beyond the call of family duty. I just love how Lori was the only one in line who wasn't one of PW's adoring fans. It's all the funnier that her picture made it on PW's website.

  2. Oh how cool! Those are pretty neat shirts.

  3. That's a nice surprise, and a great reward for getting some housework done . Sort of like finding change when I do the laundry , only better!

  4. You're going to look great in that PW t-shirt.

    I haven't done much blogging lately, posting or reading. Hope to catch up with what I've missed.

    Funny stuff about replacing both garage door springs....been there:)