Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photos from PW at the Mall of America

Here are some of Lori's photo's from her 6 hour saga to get Pioneer Woman's signature for me.  This all took place on November 21 at the Mall of America.  Enjoy!

The Crowds:

Marlboro Man & The Boys:

The Boys:
(doing what boys do best) Honestly, these are my favorite pictures.

Getting Closer:

And Finally...Pioneer Woman:

Seems like they had plenty to talk about.

And finally, the formal photo with almost everyone is looking at the right camera.  Not too shabby.

Any suggestions on how to appropriately thank someone for standing in line for 6 hours to talk to someone they've never heard of?  I'd appreciate your thoughts.


  1. What great pictures!! I keep kicking myself in the butt because PW came to Phoenix, but it was on a Thursday and I got too lazy after work!!

    Lori seems like an extremely classy lady so what about one of the gift ideas from PW. That would be a nice way of tying it all together!

  2. How fun ! Love the pics Lori took for you. I like the one of the boys wrestling, very cute. I would give her a huge gift basket of chocolate. Nothing says "you rock" like chocolate.

  3. I love those photos of the boys!