Sunday, January 24, 2010

Avatar Movie Review


Grade:  Special Effects - A
              Story - C+

OK...we finally got sucked in and went to see Avatar.  I've got a James Cameron aversion and I hate to feed his movie making machine, but I felt I needed to see it to at least check out the special effects.

And special effects they are.  The world of Pandora is amazingly real.  The improvements in the computer generated beings has evolved a lot since the days of Golum in the Lord of the Rings series.  The computer aspects are now invisible and the people of Pandora look like real people.

As for the story, it's basically Pochantas on steroids.  If anyone was surprised by any of the story that would be a surprise.  Pretty predictable overall and I was a little disappointed with the obvious climatic battle scene.  At one point, I honestly expected the Ewoks to come out and trip the giant robots with ropes and logs.

Overall, well worth seeing for the special effects, but I truly will not be rooting for this movie to win the best movie Oscar.

UPDATE:  Feel free to disagree with me.  Honest, I can take it.


  1. My husband and kids really want to see that. I heard it had great special effects. Thanks for the review!


  2. I agree that the story was very predictable, however I loved Pandora! It was beautiful. Especially when they walked and the ground would glow. It was so pretty!

  3. This is a movie I'll never be tempted to see, but Phillip and his family luved it.


  4. I'll agree it was not the most original plot, but what a unique way to tell the same 'love conquers all' story! And no subtitles - maybe that's why I liked it so much...


  5. Hey didn't notice the subtitles when they were speaking Pandorian?? Maybe you are better at reading them then you think.

  6. DId you see it in 3D? Aren't they working on part 2?

  7. Wendy,

    Yes, I saw it in 3D but not in the IMAX. The 3D was cool. Saw UP in 3D as well.
    I like the 3D experience. It's fun and kind of a novelty. They are working on another Shrek and it will be in 3D this time as well.