Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ryan's Wingman

Seems my grandson Ryan, transforms when he is surrounded by little girls.  Krissy says he becomes a totally different kid.  Considering he's only 3 1/2, I'm guessing they have many fun years ahead of them.

And considering how adorable they both are....I'm thinking trouble is the more appropriate word.  I know they both just melt my little heart.

A couple week-ends ago, after a sledding outing, they went with friends for hot chocolate.  In addition to Ryan and Austin, there were 5 little girls all ranging in ages.  As they were sitting down, Ryan leaned over to his dad and the following conversation took place (some paraphrasing included):

Ryan - "Daddy, I need a joke"
Daddy - "I don't know a joke right now"
Ryan - "I need to make them laugh"
Daddy - "Well Ryan...I don't know what to tell you"
Ryan - "Should I say Tooties" (this is Ryan's go to word, whenever he doesn't know what else to say.)
Daddy - "Sure"
Ryan - Loudly to the group "Tooties"
Ryan - "Daddy, there not laughing"
Daddy - "I know"

He did finally resort to hitting himself in the head a couple of times, which I guess got them laughing.

On the way home, Krissy had a long talk with "Daddy" to explain the subtle art of being a better wingman.


  1. Classic! What a doll!!


  2. Lindalou, you're wonderful. This post has me literally laughing out loud.

    These are beautiful children and you really should post about them more often.

    Phillip had this to say about a girl in his class. "Grandma, I'm pretty sure that Bobbi hates me." Grandma replied, "Why do you think that?" Phillip answered,"Because she looks at me like she thinks I'm gross."


  3. Donna,

    You know...that probably means she actually likes him. It's hard to read faces at that age.

    I think this Tooties could take off. My favorite is that he also uses it when he's frustrated. He'll say.."Oh Tooties" when he can't get something to work. Much better then some of this alternatives.

  4. Adorable children, Lindalou ... a great way to start the morning!

  5. Evan and I enjoyed reading this! We both laughed, just imagining this taking place. We miss those little boys! Love the pic you posted too. They're getting big so fast!

  6. Those mysterious females...we try our best. Funny stuff.