Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Got to see Livingston Taylor in concert on Sunday night and it was an amazing concert.  He's quirky and funny and so incredibly entertaining.  (Yes...he's James' brother.)  His songs are not over complicated or deep.  In fact, he announces.."if you want deep, you're in the wrong place."  For example, he flies his own airplane, so he wrote a song dedicated to Orville and Wilbur Wright.  They may be simple songs, but often deceptively clever.  He tells very funny stories to go along with his songs and then throws in a classic Jerome Kern or Irving Berlin, just too keep us on our toes.

We saw him at the Ark, which is a very small venue in Ann Arbor.  For those of you not familiar with Ann Arbor, it is the hometown of the University of Michigan.  Despite that (ha), it is still a very cool, hip town. The Ark is a small acoustic music venue that has been around since the mid-sixties.  There were probably 200+ people in the audience.  So it's very intimate and a great way to see a performer. 

Livingston teaches music at the Berklee School of Music in Boston and as a special surprise, he brought along one of his former students as his opening act.  His name is Seth Glier and he is very talented young man.  Mark that name in your memory, cause I think you are going to hear from him in the near future.  His music is a little like Jason Marz with a bit of John Mayer thrown in.  I haven't checked for him yet on iTunes (Caity...hint,hint), but I guessing he might be there.  I particularily liked his song Walking Katie Home.

Thanks Liv for a great night and the intro to Seth.  It was one of those nights I want to hold onto in my memory.


  1. Sounds delightful, Lindalou! Glad to see you out and about ... hoping all is well :)

  2. Hi Lindalou,
    Fun stuff! I will check this guy out and see what he's like. I love James, he's one of my all time faves.
    I have actually been to Ann Arbor, my bro in law used to live there , when he was a bachelor.

    Take care

  3. Isn't it neat how things like this do bring good memories?

  4. Livingston Taylor makes me think of James Taylor and James Taylor makes me think of Carly Simon.

    Did she ever get around to naming the person she was singing about in You're So Vain?

    Is M's recovery on schedule? Hope so. I haven't forgotten to remember him in my prayers.


  5. What a wonderful time you had! I remember the days of the Ark. Mostly all of the workers except 3 are volunteer. If you live some what close you could apply,even if for one night a month. Kind of neat. I am going to look that young man up....he probably plays around Boston.