Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Ramblings and A Question...or Two

Spring certainly seems to be here in the Midwest...or it is the North.  I never know what part of the country we are.  When you think of do you think of us?  It might seem trivial, but it's not.  While growing up I was never able to identify which kind of girl I was when listening to "California Girls" by the Beach Boys.  Am I the Mid-West Farmers daughter or am I the Northern girl.  This dilemma,  may well have set the ground work for a lifelong identity crisis.  So...what is Michigan to you? 

While we are speaking of girls and growing up, something else has been on my mind a bit lately which I feel the need to share. 

As a girl learns to drive, one of the first things she ends up learning (and very quickly, I might add), is to avoid making eye contact with any cars next to you.  It only takes a time or two of some guy hanging out his tongue, making kissing faces or pointing "down there" to get her to whip her head straight ahead and keep it there.

I clearly remember having this conversation with Cait when she was in high school.  I was driving and she was in the front passenger seat.  All of a sudden she yells out, "Ewwww!"  Some guy just made a lurid face at her.  When I asked her why she made eye contact (as I had already taught her this rule of the road), she said " I know...I forgot".  Trust me...she doesn't forget anymore.

This has all been brought to my attention by the fact that my Significant Other,  (lovingly call BW, here on the blog), who looks at every driver as he passes by.  Just one of his habits.  One day I told him that there was no way he would be able to do this if he were a woman.  He asked me "Why not?" (Isn't that sweet...he doesn't even begin to realize the grossness of many in his gender.)  When I explained the female rules of the road, he was shocked.  Kept saying..."Really?"

So, I ask you...women of the blogging world...did you learn at an early age to keep your eyes on the road and avoid eye contact?  Or are Cait and I just...weird?

That's it for now.  There does seem to be something else I wanted to discuss with you...but...nope, it's not there.  Hopefully it will come to me.


  1. Hello!! So, I know you posted this last Friday, but better late than never! First of all, I've always thought of Michigan as North and lovingly all of you as my Northern family :)

    As for the rules of the road, I don't recall my Mom ever teaching me that, but I just naturally don't really make eye contact with any other drivers anyway for that reason amongst others!

    Love you!

  2. I think I may need to go over this rule with my daughters. It makes sense to avoid eye contact! Lol

  3. yes, I definitely avoid eye contact for the reasons you mention - but I have not had someone point down there. that's horrible! Now that my daughter is almost 13, I think I will certainly start noticing that more. The other day a grown man looked her up and down. I wanted to kill him.

  4. At my age, I make eye contact and just hope some guy will make a kissy face at me. Not so sure about the point "down there" thing. That made me laugh so hard.

    Funny, funny lady...glad I didn't miss this post.