Monday, March 7, 2011

Rango Movie Review


Grade: C+

With all the recent Academy Awards hype, it's surprisingly challenging to find a good movie to go to this time of year.  There seems to be a bit of a drought at the moment, so we headed out to see Rango

I was actually pleased to find out that this movie was done in 2D.  I think the whole 3D thing is a little over used.  Not every movie benefits from being shot in 3D.

Rango is the story of a lizard (voiced by Johnny Depp), that gets inadvertently lost in the desert.  It's there he finds the desolate city of Dirt, populated by every sort of desert critter possible.  With his vivid imagination and acting talents (yes, Rango fancies himself an actor), he quickly becomes the new sheriff.  The story rolls out rather predictably from there.

On the upside...this movie is really well drawn.  The detail associated with some of the critters is amazing.  The voice characterizations are also very well done.  Depp makes a great Rango and I enjoyed Bill Nighy's turn as Rattlesnake Jake.

On the downside...this is a slow moving movie with a storyline aimed more at the adults in the audience.  In addition, with the inclusion of a "damn", "hell" and "son of a SQWAK" inserted, it is not really appropriate for little ones.  I think they'd be a bit bored anyway.

Netflix this one unless you need to get out of the house and see a movie.  I wonder if the Adjustment Bureau would have been a better choice??


  1. Thanks Linda - Jeff and I will leave this one alone! Want to go see Red Riding Hood (although not with the kids)

  2. The only saving grace is Johnny Depp"s voice I suppose.

  3. Are you going to do a review of the Justin Bieber movie? Phillip said that everyone at school thinks he sings just like JB. lol

    Didn't you just go to a James Taylor concert a few months ago? Enjoy.