Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Mid-Life List

Painting by Jan Van Eyck
I haven't done a list in awhile and thought maybe it's time.  So....what do I want to list about you may well ask?

How about all the life modifications that we women must make as we are firmly planted in the "Middle Ages".  (Sounds dark and dreary, doesn't it?)

Top 10 Adjustments for the Middle Years:

1.  And this is a big one...make sure you go to the bathroom before you get in the car.  Even the shortest drive could unexpectedly turn into a longer one and it would be terrible to be caught short.

2.  No more tucking in - Due to the slow but steady advance of your mid-section, you find yourself draping clothes rather than wearing cloths.  And certainly no more tucking in of shirts and blouses.  I have bought more long sweaters this past winter than a care to reveal...(7).

3.  Your cholesterol level actually means something -  Not sure if this is all of us, but I've found that my cholesterol just keeps creeping higher and higher on the charts.   I am officially eating better. No more snacking and no more ice cream treats in the evening.  So sad. Don't know if my efforts will make any difference.  My cousin told me the other day "You're not going to be able to lower's heredity.  You're going to be on a Statin."  He's probably right, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try.

4.  High Heels...bye bye - Now it's not that they are totally gone, but the days of wearing them all day at work are just silly.  Not that I don't occasionally try it, but I pay for it that night with foot cramps.  (Don't worry honey, I'll still pull them out for special events.)

5.  Comfort becomes your #1 dressing rule -  My favorite wardrobe includes my big comfy jeans (I bought a pair of guy jeans one size too big, just for slouching around the house), a tee, white sock and sneaks.  I think I might actually wear a skirt to work...maybe twice a year.  Now, I still dress somewhat stylish (Caity, no smart pants comments), but comfort seems to be my first thought.

6.  Use It or Lose It - I truly wish someone had emphasized this to me when I was in my late 30's and 40's.  Your strength and flexibility fade with don't take what you can do for granted.  Build on it. Strengthen it.  And more importantly, don't give up when it gets hard to move.  Just keep going.  Walking, Yoga, Dancing, Running.  Find somethings you love and keep doing it.  I truly wish I hadn't taken my flexibility for granted.

7.  Glasses - My glasses now travel with to room.  I'm fortunate that I don't need glasses to read (yet), but I do need them for distance and now watching or better yet..reading anything on the Telly requires my glasses.

8.  Careful when you sneeze - 'nuf said.

9.  Careful when you laugh - 'nuf said.

10.  And finally...Moisturize - also 'nuf said.

Have a lovely Thursday...which means it's almost Friday and I can get through anything on a Friday.


  1. You got my day off to a smiling start. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  2. Lindalou! not having a thing to do with your blog post- here is the site for the plastic cup jewelry! Thanks for visiting. I'll be back to look more closely at yours later today!

  3. Hi from sunny Kansas! I can't decide whether to embrace or fight middle age - although some things like glasses and such can't be avoided.
    I take on your spring photo challenge you left on my blog but it'll have to be postponed a week. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Wow, these are a LOT of changes. I especially appreciate # 6. I am trying to keep up with working out and being physical. I see now how important this is and I don't want this to ever change. Thanks for posting!!

  5. 11. Life is too short not to eat ice cream treats in the evening.

    I can hardly believe that there ever was a day that I tucked in anything.

    Stay stylish beauty.