Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's All in the Details

Easter was very special the year.  We got the families together this year to celebrate Easter and also Luke's 2nd Birthday.

Caity hosted the party and she made it very special with little touches that only she can do.  First off, she made these:

She did it with balloons, embroidery thread and glue.  So cute.

And this was how she did the flowers:

What a great way to use peeps.

Here was Luke's Birthday cake:

She had this made by "That's Just Delish".  Adorable isn't it.

And than my personal favorite.  Raspberry and peach trifle.  Thank you for making this Cait.  It was sooooo good.

And family events are always made more special by these monkeys:

"Please note daddy has to hold my hands down or I would so be grabbing this cake."


  1. Second attempt at posting:

    Lindalou, they are so cute, and I know they had a great time. But I must say that Raspberry and peach trifle, well, can't quite get that picture out of my mind! ;)

  2. everything looks great!! good for you!

  3. Oh man can Caity make that raspberry peach treat next time I come up? Boy do I miss those kids :)

    1. We can so make this trifle when you come up next time. It will be a great way to celebrate you being here.

  4. ha ha! Funny that his poor little hands had to be held down. :) How fun to use peeps in the vase! I love those floss "eggs". Totally clever.

  5. CUTE photos! LOVE that cake, you know we did Easter and a birthday on the same day too! Love those string egg accents.